Modern Pasig City Hall Inaugurated

As a testament of Pasig City Mayor Robert C. Eusebio’s commitment to continuously innovate and improve the delivery of basic services to Pasiguenos, the city government of Pasig recently inaugurated its modern Pasig City Hall. The refurbished and modernized city hall aims to streamline the different offices and departments with emphasis on ease of access and convenience for the public that they serve.

The new city hall floors were redesigned to maximize space to allow public servants to quickly facilitate requests and transactions while providing large open areas where the public can rest and wait in comfort assisted by courteous and ready-to-serve ushers. A new scenic elevator providing a panoramic view of the City Hall Complex overlooking the Pasig Mini Park, the Hall of Justice and the Tanghalang Pasigueno connect all floors. The highlight of the inauguration was the blessing of the new Pasig City Hall Communication, Command and Control Center (C3) which demonstrated its capability to remotely monitor and coordinate disaster response and rescue operations using state-of-the-art technology that provides real-time video streams transmitted from the field directly to the command center. With 165 CCTV cameras installed in critical areas in and around Pasig City and supported by BCEO Mobile Command Vans with CCTV cameras and radio link, Pasig C3 is and will be on top of any situation to provide Mayor Bobby with up to date assessments and actionable information.

The new city hall was designed by Architect Jeff Isidro. The Comfac Global Group was tasked to turn the design into a reality, working on this fit-out for all floors, including the design and renovation of the Communication, Command and Control Center. The Comfac Global Group is currently working on the expansion of the City Hall.

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