Comfac launches appXys, a New Business Tool

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Comfac Corporation recently launched appXys, a new web-based business solution for private companies, local government units and government agencies.

Appxys is a business solution developed by Comfac to automate applications for customer relationship management and sales, inventory, procurement, production, human resource, manufacturing, finance and payroll, education and travel/tour for the private sector. For LGUs and government agencies, appXys can be deployed to automate business permits and licensing, real property, revenue and collection, inventory, document management and mapping, among others. Appxys provides a comprehensive set of applications, and a suite of drag-and-drop, point and click tools to build more applications, and it can be tailor-fitted for your business.

AppXys allows rapid development of web-based applications at a fraction of the cost and time, and allows end-users to automate in days or weeks without investing in equipment and software licenses. AppXys is low cost, since it is by predictable monthly subscription model just similar to cellular phone and water bills. The new product of Comfac is user-friendly, enables even non-technical personnel to use or create applications, and can be hosted on Comfac’s infrastructure or the clients on premise infrastructure.

Interested parties are encourage to visit and inquire at the “contact us” page.

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